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Rajinder & Max Rai

Your local Family Pharmacists Rajinder & Max Rai care about the health of the community. Rajinder is very involved with local organizations and enjoys working with seniors.

They both donate time and a great deal of energy focusing on the wellness of families and educating medical facilities about medication mismanagement.

The staff is caring, knowledgeable and most importantly always available answer your important questions.


Greg Ayrassian, PharmD

"I take my role as a Pharmacist very seriously. Our customers are like family. I enjoy talking with each and every one assisting with any medication concerns they may have, including drug interactions, adverse effects, and also emphasizing medication adherence. At the end of each day I feel satisfied knowing I played an important part in their healing process." - Greg Ayrassian

Greg Graduated from CSUN in 2006 with Bachelors Degree in Biology. He then Graduated from the Western University of Health Sciences in 2010 with a Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree

p: (805) 495-2110

f: (805) 494-3609